"Being a princess is not what it's cracked up to be." - Princess Diana

Friday, February 8, 2013

QUIZ: How much do you know about Pocahontas?

When considering which princess quiz would most fit with this week's theme, Pocahontas came to mind, simply due to her slightly reckless personality. She could definitely use an extra dose of God's mercy and grace. So take this quiz and see how much you know about Pocahontas.

Don't forget to check the answers to last week's Enchanted quiz at the bottom of this post!

Have fun!

Pocahontas is set in which location?
  1. Jamestown, Virginia
  2. Augusta, Maine
  3. Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  4. Holyoke, Massachusetts

What does “Pocahontas” mean?
  1. River Spirit
  2. Wild Wolf
  3. Little Mischief
  4. Troubled One

What is the name of Pocahontas’s best friend?
  1. Nakoma
  2. Adsila
  3. Wauna
  4. Matoaka

Who is Flit?
  1. A bumble bee
  2. A bird
  3. A tiger
  4. A rabbit

In place of a wedding ring, Pocahontas is given:
  1. A bracelet
  2. A necklace
  3. Earrings
  4. A headpiece

What is Pocahontas doing while talking to Grandmother Willow about John Smith?
  1. Brushing her hair
  2. Braiding her hair
  3. Cutting her hair
  4. Washing her hair

What is Pocahontas’s raccoon’s name?
  1. Tiki
  2. Simone
  3. Meeko
  4. Bansi

Pocahontas holds the record for the largest movie premier. How many attended this huge event in Central Park?
  1. Over 25,000
  2. Over 50,000
  3. Over 100,000
  4. Over 200,000

What famous actor made his singing debut?
  1. Mel Gibson
  2. Lou Diamond Phillips
  3. Russell Crowe
  4. Rupert Everett

Who is Pocahontas said to be “just like?”
  1. Her Father
  2. John Smith
  3. Her mother
  4. Grandmother Willow

Out of Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas is the only Disney princess that does NOT:
  1. Kiss her prince throughout the whole movie
  2. Get married
  3. Have animals that talk.
  4. Have a “happily ever after”

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  1. just realized how Pocahontas challenged I was. I always wanted to be a beautiful, dark skinned, high cheek boned kind of gal. Guess I'll settle for washed out, not exactly ugly with OK cheeks 'cause that is what God chose for me. But when I get to heaven him and I are gonna talk about that new body - HA!