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Friday, February 1, 2013

QUIZ: Challenge your Enchanted expertise

In the beginning, Princess Giselle lived in an animated kingdom. What was it called?

  1. Fantasia
  2. Andalasia
  3. Amerasia
  4. Fantastica

Giselle has a chipmunk that is one of her best friends. What is his name?

  1. Pip
  2. Kip
  3. Chip
  4. Skip

Once in New York, a handsome lawyer Robert and his daughter give Giselle a place to stay for the night. What was his daughter's name?

  1. Megan
  2. Morgan
  3. Molly
  4. Melissa

Who plays Robert in the movie?

  1. Patrick Dempsey
  2. Hugh Grant
  3. Gerard Butler
  4. Ashton Kutcher

In the morning, Nancy comes over to the Philip apartment. Nancy is Robert's...

  1. Finance
  2. Wife
  3. Girlfriend
  4. Colleague

After having a talk about real-life love, Giselle gets everyone in Central Park singing and dancing. When they're done, she has doves carry some flowers to Nancy. What color were the flowers?

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Pink
  4. White

Nathaniel was given three poison apples (to give to Giselle) by Edward's stepmother. What was her name?

  1. Narissa
  2. Alyssa
  3. Melissa
  4. Marissa

At the ball, a song comes on where you have to dance with somebody who is not your date. What song do Robert and Giselle dance to?

  1. Ever Ever After
  2. So Close
  3. Beauty and the Beast
  4. True Love’s Kiss

The queen turns into a dragon and battles Robert and Giselle. After she falls off the building, the two of them end up as a couple and even open a girls' fashion shop! What was it called?

  1. Enchanted Fashions
  2. Magical Fashions
  3. Andalasia Fashions
  4. Mystical Fashions
 When he gets back to the animated world, what book does the chipmunk write?

  1. Silence is Golden
  2. Silence isn’t Golden
  3. The Sound of Silence
  4. Silent and Deadly

Who narrated the film?

  1. Catherine Zeta Jones
  2. Susan Sarandon
  3. Julie Andrews
  4. Glenn Close

No Googling! Post your answers in the comments and come back next Friday to see how well you did and to take another quiz!

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Beauty and the Beast quiz answers:
B, A, C, C, D, B, D, C, A, B, D, B, C


  1. B,A,B, A,C,D,A,B (love that song),C, B, B

    OK so I REALLY want to google some of the answers! Not sure on the shop name or narrator. Great quiz! LOVE THAT MOVIE!

  2. Haha...good girl, Lori! Way to resist temptation! Come back next Friday to see how you did. :-)